That’s Mighty White Of Ya

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

I know I shouldn’t let the smart ass remarks of someone who’s at least a 14 hour flight away get to me, but it REALLY took a lot of effort for me not to respond: THAT’S MIGHTY WHITE OF YA’!

How can someone really understand what Trayvon Martin was feeling as he was being chased down by a murder, when they don’t even want to acknowledge that racism exists? It exists, I know because when I was 15, ny boyfriend’s parents used to make his older brother leave the house so that I could come over. You may be asking yourself where the racism is in that last sentence….what I left out of that last sentence, is that my boyfriend’s brother was in the KKK. But really that experience is nothing, barely even a blip on my radar.

Now trying to complete a field experience as an undergrad in  classroom where the lead teacher was racist, that did make a bigger impact in my life. Imagine that you’re working with a student who needs extra help, and you hear the teacher you’re supposed to be learning from, say this to his students: You all acting like a bunch of Aunt Jemima‘s. The little boy I was working with asked me what that meant; when I told him that Aunt Jemima was a stereotypical image of an African American woman during slavery, the teacher had the audacity to say that he meant they were acting like the pancake mix. I speak several languages and I’ve never heard anyone say that a group of students were acting like pancake mix.

I talked to my supervising teacher, and I eventually talked to the head of the dept. of Education and the Dean. I was asked what my responsibility was in that situation.

I looked all of them squarely in the face and said, “You’re right, I do have some responsibility  in this situation. I take responsibility for being black and showing up to complete my field experience.”

If this was my first negative academic experience I would’ve blown it off, but it wasn’t. Almost everyday for the first half of first grade, I sat in a classroom where my teacher refered to me as a nigger on a daily basis.  So today, when that smug bastard had the nerve to comment on my “poor public school education“, I went off on him.

It went something like this: I’m sorry that I misspelled a word, but I’ve not slept for almost 40 hours. You see that “poor public school education” that you’re referring to was cut short by two years. I basically missed two years of high school, it’s pretty hard to attend school when you’re paralyzed from the neck down. Although, I did somehow manage to graduate a semester before my class graduated; I was also apparently able to learn Japanese, since the whole reason that you and I are talking is because we’re both reading an online Japanese newspaper.

But if I’m honest, he really set me off before we got to this part of the conversation. I think I started to get pissed when he said that Trayvon shouldn’t have been walking through a gated community. He didn’t stop there, he actually said that just because someone calls someone racist names it didn’t mean they were a racist; then his statement that the United States has a black president, so racism doesn’t exist.

Was he a troll, I don’t know. But, I do know that racism has gotten worse since the United States elected a bi-racial president. I can honestly say, that I have more respect for people who openly acknowledge they are racist. Hell, we don’t have to be friends; why would I want to be friends with a racist? But all of these people who are walking around, clinging to the “I don’t like Obama because he won’t show his birth certificate” bullshit, are really just fooling themselves.